New car to the fold

Being that we specialise in the Subaru range of cars and being somewhat of a petrol head it was time that another performance Subaru joined the ranks at SSS, over time some subtle changes will take place, for now it’s just time to enjoy


It's been a while

It’s been a while since last posting a blog to the website, we have a number of big builds on the go at present, ranging from a full top to bottom restoration of a Version 3 STI type RA to a fully forged closed deck inserted 2.5 build with 6 speed and uprated braking and then an update to a previous forged build where a collection of performance upgrades are being added including AVCS heads, Front Mount and so on

Expect a lot of images to be uploaded soon to show progress

Just something we had done.

This is just one of many options we can offer on the rebuild or refresh of your engine or if you just want to dress the engine bay, contact us for a chat with your requirements